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So you feel it’s time to ‘get back out there’ into the world of dating, be it for a secret encounter, no strings fun, extra marital affair or a brand new romantic start after ending a stale relationship.

Are you nervous? Do you feel your dating skills are a little rusty? Does the thought of that first meeting fill you with apprehension instead of excitement?

Perhaps you’ve already had a few first dates and never got as far as a second. Maybe you don’t feel confident in your ability to ‘start again from scratch’. Or maybe you think the date went fine but never heard from them again.

It’s very common after many years with the same person to feel overwhelmed and full of trepidation at the thought of meeting someone new, or to find your ‘best patter’ from many years ago just doesn’t have the desired result anymore.

Forbidden Fruit Dating Coaching is for anyone who feels they are ‘getting it wrong’ and needs some advice, direction or perhaps just to finally start feeling confident in a dating situation. It’s never too late to learn dating techniques and to make that first impression lead to a second, third and fourth date instead of never getting off the starting blocks!

After your consultation your Dating Coach will devise a bespoke plan designed solely for you, your individual dating issues or hang-ups and of course your budget. They will then work with you to help you overcome whatever is holding you back from successful and, more importantly, enjoyable dating experiences.

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Forbidden Fruit Dating offers a collection of services for discerning married and partnered people:

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Forbidden Fruit Dating Coaching

Our bespoke service for those seeking guidance and advice for re-entering the dating world. Ideal if you feel your dating skills are a little rusty!

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