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  • Dec 2011 A Christmas Story

    Once upon a frosty night, when the lovers tottering home from the pubs huddled into each other’s bodies for warmth, a good-looking middle-aged man sat alone in his house, sipping a glass of chilled white wine and flicking through the pages of his little black book... Read more >>

  • Nov 2011 How Far Is Too Far?

    I've recently been reading the fiction and non-fiction posts on this site which have been brilliantly written and which I find seriously arousing. But the non-fiction ones in particular raise all kinds of questions for me and set a number of warning bells ringing. Read more >>

  • Oct 2011 The Dream Lover

    Not long ago I received a series of emails from a man I’d met on a dating site (not this one, of course) who I’d originally thought, from his photograph and profile, might be a promising lover. Read more >>

  • Aug 2011 The die is cast...

    I am lying on my bed in Janet Reger silk underclothes which are too uncomfortable to wear except for the purpose of removal, and a silk scarf bound around my eyes. The front door is unlatched and a note pinned on it bears the name of my young French lover. Read more >>

  • Jul 2011 New readers start here...

    It's early morning and I’m sitting at my desk with my first cup of strong coffee and instead of rereading the work I did last night, or making notes of all the most pressing demands of students and publishers, I am checking my hotmail account for messages. Read more >>

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