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Forbidden Fruit Dating (FFD) respects the privacy of every individual, client or otherwise, who visits the website. We are committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 and comply with all the legal requirements that currently exist. We do not sell your data to third parties. We make a commitment to you to uphold strict standards re protection of privacy and of personal information. Our technical team do their utmost to ensure your safety as user of the Site but internet security is a complex issue and no system can be considered 100% secure. If a security breach occurs we will do our utmost to remedy the problem as soon as possible but accept no liability for any loss occasioned out of such a breach

Forbidden Fruit Dating will not collect any personal data about you through our website unless you have provided it to us voluntarily. Any personal or company details received via the website will only be used by Forbidden Fruit Dating.

Forbidden Fruit Dating does not give away your private information to any third party without your consent. The only situations in which we would be obliged to give away private information to any third party would be if we were required to do so by law or by a regulatory authority.

1. What information do we collect?

We may ask for your name, telephone number, postal address and email address for newsletter sign ups and surveys that we might run.

Personal information gathered may include your name, email address, bank information.

Also some non-personal information may be gathered such as your version of web browser, your operating system and the IP address of the computer from which you are accessing the site. Some of the Forbidden Fruit Dating cookies are designed to store information used to identify you whilst you are browsing the site so you dont have to keep logging in. You can modify or prevent the use of cookies on your browser if you so wish.

We may obtain information about your usage of our website to help us develop and improve it further by seeing how you, our customer use/navigate through the website with the use of cookies. You can switch these off in your browser if you do not want us to use them.

Forbidden Fruit Dating does not usually moderate members private communications via PM but we do reserve the right to do so from time to time.

By subscribing to and submitting your data to Forbidden Fruit Dating you explicitly agree to all of the above use. We never gather sensitive data about you without your explicit consent.

2. What is the data used for?

Primarily to help us serve you better. We use the data we do collect in very specific ways.

a) We will use the information to notify you about any important functionality changes and updates that you need to know about via email.
b) We will also use it to inform you about our services, events and general news from Forbidden Fruit Dating.
c) We use the data on traffic to maximise the website potential, ensuring you get what you want and where you want to see it. This helps us with the overall management of the website.
d) If you no longer wish to receive information about Forbidden Fruit Dating via email simply follow the unsubscribe instructions within the latest email, or send your request to unsubscribe via email to

e) All precautions have been made to ensure storage in a secure environment. Your profile will NOT be accessible by third parties, nor passed on or sold or exchanged without your prior information and agreement. If you do not want any contact from Forbidden Fruit Dating on your email address you have the option to disable this facility in your User Profile. The information provided by you on your profile can be accessed by other members of Forbidden Fruit Dating only. By subscribing to the Services provided by Forbidden Fruit Dating you have explicitly authorised Forbidden Fruit Dating to reproduce and broadcast the information contained in your profile on all applicable parts of Forbidden Fruit Dating Services. If you no longer wish Forbidden Fruit Dating to broadcast the information referred to above you can terminate your membership and account by following the termination procedure in our terms and conditions. The termination will only take effect upon the next update.

You explicitly authorise Forbidden Fruit Dating to transfer the information you have provided to Forbidden Fruit Dating and the benefit of any rights attached thereto to its partners and eventual successors in title.

Customer Feedback

By providing your details on our website, you consent to the information you give us being processed for any of the purposes we have explained above.

If you have any comments, queries or complaints relating to our privacy policy please email


If we change our Privacy Policy will will notify you on this website. You are responsible to checking regularly for any update to this Policy and your continued use of the Forbidden Fruit Dating Services constitutes acceptance of any changes or amendments.

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