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Your Forbidden Fruit Dating profile is a vital tool to help you meet the right extramarital lover for you. You wouldn't send an unfinished or scrappy CV as an application for the job of your dreams, so why have a dating profile that doesn’t show you in the best light to meet your ideal partner/s?

Always be as honest as possible in your dating profile. If you’re looking for one-off illicit encounters then say so, there will be someone else out there wanting the same thing. If you pretend to be wanting a more serious relationship than you truly are or if you state you’re looking for something casual but really want something longer lasting you won’t find your best match for your extra marital affair.

Sell yourself! Give as much information about the sort of person you are as possible – of course be careful not to reveal any personal details. Try to be unique and put some of your personality into your married dating site profile rather than using standard phrases which people will have seen a hundred times before on married dating profiles. Give an outline of what kind of person you envisage your ideal secret lover to be, although try not to be too specific. You could discourage someone who might not totally match your ‘Adulterous Affair Wish List’ but who turns out to be an affair to remember.

If you are using a photo in your Forbidden Fruit Dating profile make sure it is as current and accurate as possible. Do be aware that photos can be seen by guests to the Forbidden Fruit Dating site as well as members, so you might prefer to use our Unique Photo Attachment feature when messaging a member whose dating site profile you like. And never lie about your age or build because if and when you meet your potential paramour it will be obvious you’ve been economical with the truth which won’t get things off to the best start!

Happy Dating!

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