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"Forbidden Fruit Dating has a warm inclusive feel about it. If you are seeking an affair but want to remain anonymous... you easily can... by just staying on the Dating Site side. However, if this is a huge step for you and you are not sure what exactly you want (we've all been there!) the 'Extramarital Affairs Discussion Forum' is very welcoming and you can communicate anonymously with like-minded people. There will be someone on the Forum who has been through what you are going through and knows what a difficult path we tread. It is also possible to meet others in a social setting and connect that way. Unlike other sites, the emotional help is there if you want it. Either way, Forbidden Fruit Dating lets you control how you want this to work."

"A relaxed, warm and welcoming site that has a true community spirit about it that sets it apart from other extra marital affair dating sites."

"Forbidden Fruit Dating is reasonably priced. The forum, where real people chat about the ins and outs of the adultery lifestyle, means you can guarantee it's NOT filled with fake profiles and false messages sent by the administrators common on other sites. Forbidden Fruit Dating doesn't do any of that crap. It's real."

"Forbidden Fruit Dating is a vibrant growing site. Not just a place for finding a lover outside marriage but also a great place to discuss ideas and air problems and get unique advice both from the site’s 'agony aunt' as well as other users. The site also has an active social scene where one can meet other people enjoying or seeking affairs for laid back and fun get togethers. There is a good mix and ratio of men and women on the site from all different ages, backgrounds and locations. The forum discussions are lively and topical and the site works hard to make everyone feel included and respected so there is a real welcoming feel to the place for any new users who want to take the plunge and join in."

"Forbidden Fruit Dating recognises that people usually deliberately seek an extramarital affair because of a celibate (or otherwise unfulfilling) home-life, combined with an unwillingness to simply abandon spouse and/or family. It is therefore unique among such married dating sites in not only providing opportunities to meet discreet people in similar situations, but a forum where difficulties can be shared and understood without judgement being passed."

"Forbidden Fruit Dating: About 50 IQ points per person above....all competitors."

Forbidden Fruit Dating - Rediscover the Lover in You!

Forbidden Fruit Dating offers a collection of services for discerning married and partnered people:

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Find your ideal partner for an affair to remember. Exclusive member database.

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A lively, intelligent forum for people engaged in, seeking or just interested in affairs

Forbidden Fruit Dating Coaching

Our bespoke service for those seeking guidance and advice for re-entering the dating world. Ideal if you feel your dating skills are a little rusty!

Social events and personal messaging are also available to our subscribing members.